Technology & Escape in Clinical Settings

Life on the Oncology ward of a Children’s hospital is a balance of knowing. On one hand, from the moment you walk into the space, you know you’re safe. The walls are full of colorful painted butterflies and the floor to ceiling windows let in a penthouse view of the…

This America has always been here. Nothing has changed.

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All of my worlds are being brought together in the midst of a national disaster. While the rest of America is hoarding supplies, worrying about physical contact, and experiencing the terrors and loneliness of isolation for the first time, nothing in my life has actually changed that much. In fact…

26 is a Scary Number in America. Moderate Health Care Policy Won’t Fix it.

I am terrified of college graduation. Like most of my peers, impending graduation day feels like I’m being pushed off of a cliff into the real world.

But unlike most of my graduating class, I’m not worried about getting a job or possibly getting engaged. …

How to Stay Human in Hospitals

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“Are you ready for your bath?” The nurse turns on the computer and scrolls through my chart, “It looks like you haven’t used your wipes yet today.”

I groan and turn my body to face her, “Shouldn’t I wait until this is done? I’m not sure I could get out…

Kathryn Poe

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