Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama

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Reading Notes:

Read This Book If You Liked: Educated, The Glass Castle, The Hate U Give & Books by Roxanne Gay, Zadie Smith, Ada Limon

  • On Her Father, 139
  • On Death, 145
  • On their Engagement, 157
  • On Fertility, 187
  • On her friends, 201
  • On Barack’s 2004 Convention Speech, 214
  • On Being an “Angry Black Woman,” 265
  • On Being a First Lady, 283
  • On Meeting the Queen of England, 318
  • On the Students of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, 320
  • On Sandy Hook, 377
  • On Moving Forward, 395
  • On Bullies, 407
  • On Hamilton, 415

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