Dear, “I don’t appreciate being looked at as less of a person because I’m a white straight male,”

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I’m sorry that you lost your house because you are a white straight male and the landlord didn’t want a white family living on the property. I’m sorry that you got stopped on the highway because you looked suspicious. I’m sorry that you have relatives in prison for small, non-violent drug offenses. I’m sorry that your family kicked you out of the house for being a white straight male because it goes against your religion. I’m sorry that you can’t afford birth control and don’t have the ability to get an abortion because of restrictions, and had to miss weeks of work for a pregnancy you didn’t want. I’m sorry that you constantly get accused of being “not from this country” and sometimes get mean looks for your religious garb. I’m sorry that people walk on the other side of the street when they see you alone, or assume that you are uneducated and poor because of the color of your skin. I’m sorry that you may not be able to adopt children or may loose the right to a marriage. I’m sorry you can no longer tell people about your cute husband and kids because you are afraid for their safety. I’m sorry you were told to “put the power tools down because you might get hurt” in high school wood shop or that “you should be more careful” when speaking your mind. I’m sorry you were called “sweetie” and “dear” when your angry or trying to talk. I’m sorry that you went to a party and got drugged, before waking up in the morning and not knowing where you were. I’m sorry that you were told “you look prettier when you smile.” I’m sorry you were made fun of for how dark your skin is or the fact you wear hijab. I’m sorry that you were made fun of by the president for a medical condition you were born with. I’m sorry that every single step you make towards your rights is ridiculed as unnecessary, violent or unneeded.

Your life is so hard,

The rest of the world

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