Dear Trump Supporters, Sorry- You Are Still Not The Silent Majority

“I’m really glad we won,” she said. “We’re the silent majority.”

I winced a little. I was sitting in the library in a conversation with another girl. I knew she was a Republican. There’s nothing wrong with that. I beilieve strongly that Republicans have a place in politics. Opposition is important. But in that moment, we weren’t talking about Republican politics. We were talking about Trump.

Part of me in that moment believed she was right. They won the election. Trump had always claimed that they would win using these “silent people.” In that moment, I thought maybe she was right. Then I looked at the polls:

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. A huge percentage of Americans didn’t vote. According to (

46.6% didn’t vote

25.6% voted for Hillary Clinton

25.5% voted for Donald Trump

1.7% voted for Gary Johnson

The “silent” majority of American decided to remain silent. The voting majority voted in Clinton. This wasn’t a revolution by any means. The system, the one that Trump is so against, is the very thing that got him elected. Not the silent majority.

There’s also the problem of voter suppression- which became very real in this election. However, in an article by Vox, the point was made that voter suppression actually wasn’t the cause. Hillary Clinton, “lost in states that didn’t pass new voting restrictions.” ( So while the voting rights act is, indeed, broken, there is a lot more going on here than just “voter suppression.” Yes- it happened. No- it wasn’t the cause. Republican’s are actually right about that.

But let’s not make a mistake: Trump is still not the silent majority. Sorry.

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