Donald Trump Deserves To Be Person of the Year

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This time last year, gathered around the kitchen, my family and I were making jokes about the Trump campaign. We were among those who believed that a Trump run was an disaster, and I win was impossible. Over the last year, that “joke” became something to take seriously- and a revolutionary campaign. Not only did Donald challenge America, but he changed it. Years from now, 2016 will be remembered as “the” year- the year of Brexit, the Syrian refugee crisis, the Orlando Shooting, Black Lives Matter, and Trump- that perhaps changed it all. Or perhaps didn’t. The last year has been a rush of conversations that the world thought were long over, and a mixture of brand new issues. The concept of a “greater America” is now a realty- but what that means is for the future to tell. Obviously, TIME has chosen other interesting figures- “great” men- like Stalin and Hitler have also gotten the title. Others like “You” and Pope Francis have gotten the cover. So now, all we can do is wait and see which category Trump falls into: great or good.

One thing is for sure- Donald Trump deserves to be person of the year.

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