Freedom of Speech Sucks, doesn’t it?

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“It’s freedom of speech,” I said crossing my arms. I was probably 13- THE angsty age- and I was in an arguement with my mother over something I said to my brother. “I can say whatever I want.”

Turns up, I ended up learning a lot from this conversation: a) I can not and b) being grounded for a week sucks

Freedom of speech is kind of Amercia’s Thing”. Ever since it wound up in the Bill of Rights, Americans have proudly been saying “I can say whatever I want and that’s why we’re the best.” In the 2016 election, this became a major theme. Everything from political correctness and how a president should speak to what defines “hate speech” became incredibly relevant. In the end, America chose the wild end of the stick- which you would think supports more broadened free speech. I mean, these are the people who claim that what he says isn’t valid and “correctness” is ruining America. So now say whatever you want, right? Wrong.

Donald Trump is now going after the media. He’s proclaiming on Twitter that people who burn the flag should be prosecuted. He’s even saying he’s being victimized by Hamilton. A woman on CNN was recently ridiculed after saying that she felt “betrayed” by a choice of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State. When it comes down to it, the only free speech he’s protecting is his.

Like I said before, Free speech is hard. No one in grade school ever explains that it protects people like the KKK- and yet that’s what we should really be proud of. Until that freedom infringes on someone else, like screaming fire in a movie theater, then a person should be protected. I am proud that I live in a country where I can burn the American flag without being taken to jail, because that’s true freedom of speech and expression.

Simply: You may not like it, Donald- but that’s kind of the point.

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