Seriously, Charlottesville? Really?

Is this real life? Did I just wake up to an Alt-right white nationalist protest lit with torches on my Twitter feed in 2017? Are ya’ll serious?

If you, for a single moment, think that what just occurred in Charlottesville is even remotely okay, at all, from any “open minded” stand point you might try to argue, you are automatically wrong. This is not a topic that’s up for debate. Under no circumstances are what just took place in Charlottesville, VA okay in any part of reality. If you, some majestic conservative, are about to fly into an arguement about why ‘Free speech’ is important in our society and why ‘the liberals are over reacting’ you need to check yourself. Obviously somebody failed the “Civil War” section of high school history class.

What just took place Charlottesville is the very definition of a double standard so entrenched into American consciousness that people are somehow attempting to rationalize what just took place by throwing organizations like Black Lives Matter under the bus. Not only was there violence and hate speech at the Charlottesville Rally, but the US government did nothing get the situation under control. If a group of Muslims had peacefully assembled outside for a picnic, the National guard would have been there and FOX news would have tun a news story about the ‘looming terrorist plot.’ If a group of black people would have assembled there, someone would have been shot. Instead, a bunch of armed, white men whose wives amazon primed them their very own ”be a white supremacist kit” decided to use their insecurity and anger to meet up and scream at people about how unfair their lives are — if that isn’t a snow flake, I don’t know what is.

I am sick a tired of people telling me that the racism that minorities feel in this country isn’t real. Every single one of you needs to turn on the news and watch all of the insecure, angry white men running around in the middle of the night screaming slurs like frat boys at happy hour who never passed a fire safety class. Not only that, but the idea that protests like these have a valid arguement is completely absurd. In no way is the experience of the white man remotely similar in anyway to the experiences of the black, LGBT, Japanese, Indian, Hispanic, Arab, or Jewish communities.

Now, I get that it sucks that white men don’t get to throw protests like everyone else, and even you guys want to get in on the fun, but that’s not how this works. Ya’ll do not get to throw a protest and jerk off in a circle to other peoples pain just becuase you’re angry that the black guy at work is better at his job than you are. You do not get to buy all the Tiki torches that your heart desires and run around in the middle of the night terrifying everyone around you in the name of free speech. That’s not free speech — that’s domestic terrorism. If you think that a bunch of black people demanding they be validated as human beings is domestic terrorism becuase they decided to march down your street and ruin your Sunday brunch, then congregating in the middle of the night with fire is probably a little bit much.

And if you disagree with any of that, I suggest you pick up a History textbook and call the closest therapist you can find, becuase I feel like it’s time you reevaluate your priorities.

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