Violence Against White America Is Not Oppression

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All you have to do is turn on the TV, pick up a phone, or scroll through Facebook (which is what youre probably doing right now) to see the violence. It stems from both sides of the argument. Angry Clinton supporters, liberals, and minorities have been caught looting, damaging property, and assaulting “trump voters.” A video went viral of a Trump supporter being beaten and dragged out his car. ( On the other side, Trump supporters are terrorizing minorities, harming and threatening members of the LGBT community, and bringing back harmful messages of white supremacy. Kids are chanting “build a wall” at middle school lunch. (


I recently got into an arguement with a friend over this. I showed him photos of a girl who had been assaulted on my campus. His answer was “There’s violence on both sides. It’s never okay. I saw a man be assaulted for being a Trump supporter.”

This is true. But it’s also different.

Violence against minorities, women, and the LGBT community are hateful acts perpetuated by a violence narrative. These are instances of oppression that take place frequently and have historical roots. They also stem from more systematic, “hidden” injustices, that were made okay in some people’s minds overnight. However, when an oppressed person commits an act of violence against the oppressor- such as violence in Ferguson or a Trump supporter being pulled out of a car- there are different forces at play. Yes- violence in any form sucks. It’s not okay, and should never be perpetuated. But in instances of oppression, to say that this “violence” is unimportant and “holds no purpose” is ignorant. Yes- it perpetuates a hatful act. But it also signifies something a lot deeper. Slaves murdered their masters. LGBT people have committed violent acts. Riots are never pretty. That doesn’t change the fact that they are oppressed. Just because a white man is assaulted for being a Trump supporter, does not make him oppressed. He’s still a white man at the top. He’s not being “victimized.” He will never loose his house for being a white man. He will never loose his job for being a white man. He will never have members of his family disown him for being a white man. When that Donald Trump supporter was dragged out of his car, it was a hateful act that can not be condoned. But it’s also incredibly different, and fueled by different things. It’s an anger at the elite- not a discrimination against them.

This is a chicken vs. the egg arguement. But in this case, the chicken is killing the eggs, and the eggs just want their children to grow up without being shot.

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